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Home Office Fitness Tips

Gyms and sports facilities have been closed due to the COVID-19 crisis and stricter international exit restrictions, but you still don’t have to give up your regular workout.

Fitness Tipps Dehnen

We have put together a few tips for you on how to get enough exercise despite your home office.

  1. Start the day: Start your home office day with early morning exercise, such as a yoga session
  2. Draw up a movement plan: Schedule sports activities such as gymnastics, stretching exercises over head, hand, arm and shoulder circles to relaxing back rotations for your home office breaks. The best place to do this is on the balcony, terrace or with the window open. You can arrange your gymnastic exercises in a variety of ways with trading, expanders or other small devices.
  3. Set yourself movement goals: Which exercises do I do today and how often?
  4. Get up regularly: Get up regularly. Preferably five minutes every hour.
  5. Walking when talking on the phone: Walk around the house when you talk on the phone.
  6. Walk longer distances: Extend that distance when you go to the bathroom or get a drink
  7. Change seat position: Change your sitting position regularly so that your back gets enough exercise.
  8. Vein gymnastics against heavy legs: If you sit for a long time your legs feel heavy. Support your veins during transport, for example by tensing the foot muscles or moving the calves.
  9. Don’t forget your eyes: look into the distance during breaks, so that your eye muscles are relaxed.
  10. Sports activities after work: after work, classic deadweight exercises such as push-ups or knee bends, but also sit-ups, planking or jumping jacks are the perfect counterbalance to sitting constantly.
  11. Movement while shopping: If possible, do your shopping by bike or on foot
  12. Use stairs: If you have stairs in your apartment or house, go up and down several times a day.