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Trend shades autumn / winter 2021-22

Trend shades autumn / winter 2021/2022

Discover the colour trends of the coming season

Looking into the future is more difficult than ever at the moment. Trend forecasts in terms of aesthetics and design, normally based on a certain continuity, were interrupted at a stroke. This is due to global upheavals, which confront the fashion industry with particular challenges. These times call for hope and positive thinking, as well as flexibility and creativity.

Colours are especially sensitive to changes in the spirit of the times. Due to the advancing digitalisation, the colour blue is currently moving more and more into the foreground, as it symbolises the technical and digital. By contrast, the values of naturalness, closeness and authenticity, are reflected in warmer grey tones. In the medium term, closeness to nature and technology will be brought into harmony. This creates a balance between cool colours, warm shades and neutral nuances.

Accordingly, the key colours of autumn / winter 2021-22 can be classified into the following four colour groups:

  • Naturalness, emotionality and energy through new shades of brown and red
  • Dynamism, optimism and self-confidence through rosé and purple nuances
  • Coolness, seriousness and hope through shades of blue and green
  • Warmth, opulence and cheerfulness through warm gold and yellow tones