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Tradition meets knowledge

Characterised by innovations and the ability to continuously adapt to current market requirements, A&E Gütermann can look back on over 280 years of success.

Kundenspezifische Lösungen

Customised solutions

Special requests such as silicone-free, water-repellent, flame-retardant, UV-resistant? No problem. Customer-specific developments? Always with pleasure. Our motto is: What does not exist today, we want to develop tomorrow and manufacture the day after tomorrow.

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Innovation is not for our own benefit

For us as a thread manufacturer, offering innovations means actively and proactively addressing market requirements. This applies to both current fashion trends in traditional apparel and tailor-made solutions for automotive and technical textiles. Our customers can always rely on the first-class quality of our threads.

As a result, we have not only become a successful producer with a worldwide customer and service network, but above all an innovation driver and expert. Our sewing threads are used in a wide variety of applications – from apparel and technical textiles to highly complex and specialised areas.

Seam Competence Center

We offer space for innovation

At A&E Gütermann, ideas for new products, processes or fields of application have always been developed in dialogue – not only internally, but also with our customers and partners, from companies to universities. Our Seam Competence Centers provide the perfect spaces for innovation:
Workshops and seminars take place here, as well as sewing tests – and thus the first steps towards new developments that we continue to drive forward in our laboratories.

Interested in workshops, seminars or sewing tests?
Then feel free to get in touch and email us at: naehtechnik@gutermann.com


Great sewing threads are created here

The pursuit of perfection has always been and remains the declared goal of A&E Gütermann. The knowledge that every application deserves a high-quality solution is our top priority – precisely because we know that it is often not only about appearance and functionality, but also about safety and quality.

With our fully integrated production and storage facilities in the heart of Europe, we give our customers a decisive competitive advantage: A secure value chain, supported by lean logistics, fast production and absolute reliability of delivery. Thanks to a certified quality management system and decades of know-how, A&E Gütermann also guarantees production at the highest level.