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A&E Gütermann is an innovation partner in ski jumping

A&E Gütermann has started a new cooperation project with the Olympic Base in Freiburg-Schwarzwald and the Baden-Württemberg ski associations.

A&E Gütermann is supporting the production of professional ski jumping suits as part of the cooperation project that has been in place since autumn 2021 with the Olympic Base Freiburg-Schwarzwald and the Baden-Württemberg ski associations. The suits, which were previously made from home, are optimised through the cooperation with A&E Gütermann in order to support the next generation of athletes in ski jumping and nordic combined.

In addition to sponsoring the sewing threads, A&E Gütermann also provides support with expert knowledge on sewing threads and seam structure. Facilities (the A&E Gütermann Seam Competence Center) and sewing for producing the ski jumping suits will also be provided. “The support of A&E Gütermann means that we can now equip our young athletes in the junior teams with tailor-made ski jumping suits,” says Thomas Redhaber, Olympic Base Manager Freiburg-Schwarzwald. “This motivates the ambitious young athletes to deliver their best performances: one of my athletes recently achieved the bronze medal at the Junior World Championships in Poland,” adds Rolf Schilli, trainer of the young athletes. With this cooperation, A&E Gütermann aims to promote local youth sports. Thanks to the pleasant cooperation over the past few months, everyone involved can look back on a positive ski jumping season 2021/2022.

Success in the “Gütermann suits”:

Nathalie Armbruster (nordic combined):
Junior World Cup Single: Bronze Medal
Junior World Championship Mixed Relay: Gold Medal

Janne Holz (ski jump):
Victory in the Student Grand Prix

Andreas Günter, Ski Jumping
Rolf Schilli, Ski Jumping
Thomas Krause, Nordic Combined