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Tradition meets know-how

A&E Gütermann has written many success stories in over 280 years of company history.

  • 1864


    Ein schwarz-weiß Bild einer Fabrikhalle mit Baugerüst.

    Founded by Max Gütermann in Vienna, production of 100% side threads.

  • 1891


    Schwarzweiß-Bild einer Fabrikhalle.

    Nims Manufacturing founded by Egbert Hutchison with six investors. Production of 100% cotton threads.

  • 1920


    Consolidation with other textile factories, American Yarn and Processing Company

  • 1920/30


    Bild einer bunten Kone. Die Farben zeigen die Umrisse von Europa, Deutschland zentral in der Mitte.

    Gütermann starts with the internationalization and expansion.

  • 1935


    Bild einer roten Box voller Faden-Konen.

    At the beginning of the 1930’s Gütermann designed a new sales unit, the so-called quick sale box, the SVK. This is patented in April 1935.

  • 1947


    Sepia-Bild einer Gruppe von Fabrik-Arbeiterinnen und -Arbeitern.

    Through the purchase of majority interests in Efird Manufacturing, production of synthetic sewing threads was started.

  • 1952



    Merger between American Yarn and Efird Manufacturing.

  • 1955


    Schwarzweiß-Bild einer Fabrikarbeitern an einer Maschine mit Fäden.

    After intensive trials with sythetic fibres and threads, a decision was made in 1955 to commence production, in addition to sewing silks, sewing threads made of 100 % polyester with the brand names Mara T 38 and Tera.

  • 1968


    Ruddick Corporation as the parent company, enabled an ongoing global expansion.

  • 1970


    Schwarzweiß-Bild einer Fabrikarbeiterin an einer modernen Maschine.

    New technologies in dyeing / winding. Production increase with weekly 10.000 sewing thread colors and types in total.

  • 1995


    Der Reichstag in Berlin, gehüllt in große Stoffbahnen.

    Christo covered the „Reichstag“ palace in Berlin with Gütermann threads.

  • 2000


    Bild einer großen Kone mit rotem Faden.

    Zwicky merges with Gütermann. Activities in the automotive sector are intensifying.

  • 2006


    Bild einer Reihe von Maschinen mit schwarzen Nähfäden.

    Acquisition of the company TSP Maribor in Slovenia, expansion of A&E in Europe.

  • 2008


    Nahaufnahme einer silbernen Metallkonstruktion mit weißen Fäden.

    Micro Core Technology® is new and cannot be compared to any other existing production method. It is the first corespun procedure based on microfilament polyester.

  • 2013


    Mehrere gefaltete Stoffe einer Stoffkollektion.

    Successful introduction oft he Gütermann fabric collection.

  • 2014


    Das Logo der Firma American & Efird (links) und Gütermann (rechts).

    Two of the world’s well known sewing thread manufactures, Gütermann and American & Efird, will combine in order to accelerate their success and growth in the global marketplace.

  • 2014


    Das Gütermann Firmengelände aus der Vogelperspektive mit der Zahl "150" darüber gelegt.

    Gütermann celebrates its existence of 150 years.

  • 2016


    Das Emblem zur 125-Jahr-Feier der American & Efird auf schwarzem Stoff.

    American & Efird celebrates its existence of 125 years. Launch of the A&E COLORLINK App and of COLOCATCH Nano.

  • 2018


    A&E Gütermann becomes part of the Elevate Textiles, Inc. group, which operates in both the U.S., Mexico and China.

  • 2019


    A&E opens ist 28th production facility worldwide in Vietnam.